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Sport Fishing

At Tropical Sportfishing Panama we respect the law which protects and prohibits the killing of all species of billfish passed by the Republic of Panama in 1997 to conserve our fishing grounds, which gives us consistently year-round thrilling, hard fighting fishing action. Since the Panamanian government in 2010 also banned nearly all commercial fishing operations, the Pacific waters of Panama and its Gulf of Chiriquí is one of the best saltwater fishing destinations worldwide. Blue Marlin fishing in PanamaWith its remarkable underwater structure,  Pacific Sailfish sport fishing in Panamadozens of scenic rocky outcrops sprinkled across the gulf and the influence of the Humboldt Current the nutrient rich waters of the Golf of Chiriquí are continuously flooded with microorganisms. These microscopic creatures represent the beginning of the marine food chain which finally attracts large pelagic species and brings us into one of the most legendary sport fishing locations on our planet.

Our multilingual English, sport fishing in Panama inshore and offshoreSpanish, French and German speaking fishing captains will bring you out where the fishing is at its best. From inshore fishing for hard fighting gamefish between the nearby islands of Islas Secas, Isla Paridas or Islas Ladrones to thrilling offshore fishing action for Marlin, Sailfish or Yellowfin Tuna at the world famous Hannibal Bank or Isla Montuosa, the choice is yours. To meet your needs we can offer you complete premium or VIP Fishing Packages as well as a single day Fishing Charter Service for full day or half day fishing. Just take a look at Rates & Lodging and let us know by filling out the contact form.


Best Fishing Season:

At Tropical Sportfishing Panama we fish throughout the whole year including the rainy season. Many other competing fishing charter operations end their fishing season between July and October because these months reflect the „rainy“ season and imply the end of the offshore season. Nevertheless there are many species you can catch year round. Sure, the main season for Marlin is between December and May because you can have multiple strikes a day. But normally these fish are the smaller ones between 300 – 500 pounds. The real trophy sized Marlin over 700 and up to 1,000 pounds will await you in the Panamanian rainy season when you won’t see any other fishing charter boat than ours. However rain normally just falls in the afternoon, so with our early starts, most of the day is rain free.

The Panamanian Fishing Highlight without any doubt is the Yellowfin Tuna season between April and June. If just once in your life you find yourself in the middle of a Yellowfin Tuna feeding frenzy with jumping tunas all around the boat smashing into a huge bait ball you are affected by this experience forever.

What about Wahoo fishing? Big Wahoo begin entering the Gulf of Chiriquí in August and September until December and congregate in large numbers in special areas. These tasty hard fighting fish are the fastest swimming fish in the ocean. We at Tropical Sportfishing Panama would be glad to welcome you on board to present you some thrilling Wahoo action. Wahoo caught in Panama - Tropical Sportfishing PanamaYear-round and especially when the bite Roosterfish in Panamaoffshore  is slow you might consider staying inshore to fish for hard fighting gamefish like Roosterfish, Cubera Snapper, Grouper, Amberjack, Bluefin Trevallys, Jacks, etc. We are sure, that we can give you the greatest Panama sport fishing experience any day or any season of the year.

Take a look at the fishing chart below and consider your best fishing season with Tropical Sportfishing Panama:



* E = Excellent

* P = Possible