Tropical Sportfishing Panama

Fishing Methods, Tackle & Boat

Fishing Methods & Tackle

At Tropical Sportfishing Panama we offer you world class fishing tackle for

  • TrollingTwo of our fishing methods used in Panama shown here: Popper fishing and Jigging in the front
  • Popper fishing
  • Jigging
  • Live Bait Fishing.

Since we are sponsored by Fin Nor you will find exclusively 30, 50 and 80lb Fin Nor Rods and Santiago Reels as well as Marquesas for trolling with artificial lures, live bait or dead bait fishing methods.

For Spinning and Jigging enthusiasts we Popper fishing  in Panama. Horseyejack caught with Yo Zuri Sashimi Poppercan offer a variety of state-of-the-art tackle and fishing gear. Whether you prefer Jigging or Popper fishing or maybe want to try it out we will lead you to our hot spots where you will have strikes on different species. Jigging here in Panama can be a very effective fishing method and you can catch huge Amberjacks, Almaco Jacks and Grouper, etc.

Fishing Tackle

Popper Fishing:

Popperfishing in Panama with Tropical Sportfishing PanamaPopper Fishing is by far one of the most exciting fishing method here in Panama, offshore and inshore. Since the Gulf of Chiriquí is known for its picturesque little rocky outcrops and small islands, it is the perfect habitat for large Roosterfish, Jacks, Cubera Snappers, Barracudas inshore or big tunas offshore, attacking your poppers as if there were no tomorrow. To target these species we offer you Fin Nor and Shimano fishing rods and reels.The bigger ones are loaded with 80lb Tuf Line XP or FINS PRT Line and are used to fight big tunas. The smaller ones are provided for comfortable and persistent spinning with Poppers or Sliders inshore and offshore and are filled up with 65lb Tuf Line XP.


Jigging here in Panama is a very effective African Pompano caught while deep sea jigging in Panama fishing method. For Jigging enthusiasts we offer one of the best available Jigging rods on the market made by Jigging Master. Combined with a Quantum Cabo 880 or 1280 fishing reel it’s a perfect and smooth outfit to fish with the whole day and catch everything that swims these Pacific waters like Yellowfin Tuna, Amberjack, Almaco Jack, Cubera Snapper, Grouper and many more. Of course we have a variety of metal jigs made by Jigging Master, Molix, etc. Deep Sea Jigging for large Yellowfin Tuna for instance is the most exhausting fishing method you can imagine once a fish strikes your fishing lure. In order to survive a Yellowfin Tuna battle our fishing tackle consists additionally of VMC and Owner Hooks, Varivas assist line.


We offer you Fin Nor Santiago Big Game Fishing reels in the 50 and 80 lbs line class and Marquesa fishing reels in the 30 lbs line class. Combined with Fin Nor trolling rods a perfect and very strong outfit to battle huge Black and Blue Marlins or Yellowfin Tunas.

Shimano TiagrasTrolling for Marlin (Panama)


Note: If you would like to bring your own fishing gear, you are very welcome to do so. If you have any questions about what kind of rods & reels or lures you need, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Fishing Boats

La Bruja del Mar: 26 ft (8,25 m) twin 150 HP 4Stroke Yamaha outboards Center Console Fishing Boat. It has a cruising speed of 25 mph plus over 200 gallons of fuel capacity as well to take you far out offshore and home again with plenty of gas still in the tank.

Center console fishing boat - Pursuit USA

Coelacanth: 30 ft twin 225 HP 4Stroke Yamaha outboards Center Console Fishing Boat. It has a cruising speed of 28 mph.


Both vessels are kitted out with state-of-the-art tackle and euipment like a Garmin 1020xs GPS fishfinder and chartplotter and are perfect boats for good quality fishing in Central America for up to 4 people. Plus it has a

Including 4 Tuna Tubes, livewell and outriggers we are ready to hunt the illusive giant Black or Blue Marlin, the biggest Pacific Sailfish, Tunas and many other offshore or inshore species. Of course we always try to provide you with fresh and live bait.

Our boats are ready and fully equipped for any situation to make your day with us a Panama fishing experience of a lifetime.