Tropical Sportfishing Panama

Facts, Climate & Weather

Facts about Panama

  • Official name: Republic of Panama
  • Capital: Panama City (Ciudad de Panamá) (1,426 million)
  • Population (est. 2014): 3,608,431panama-map
  • Location: Central America bordering both the Caribbean Ocean in the north and the North Pacific Ocean in the south between Colombia in the south-east and Costa Rica in the west
  • Geographic coordinates: 9 00N & 80 00W
  • lowest point: Pacific Ocean (0m asl)
  • highest point: Volcan de Chriquí (3475m asl)
  • Monetary units: Balboa (named after Vasco Nunez de Balboa who explored and conquered Panama in 1513), US Dollar ($)


Climate in Panama

Panama’s climate is determined by the intertropical convergence zone and the trade winds. Because of its warm, wet, tropical climate, the daytime temperatures permanently are between 29 and 32 °C declining at night between 23-25 °C.

Beautiful weather and climate in Panama with our tropical white sandy beach fishing excursion Unlike countries that are farther from the equator, Panama does not experience seasons marked by changes in temperature. Instead, Panama ‚s seasons are divided into Wet and Dry. The Dry Season generally begins around December and lasts until May. During this time the trade winds begin to blow and little or no rain may fall. Relative humidity drops throughout the season, reaching average values as low as 70%.

weather and climate in Panama: typical thunderstorm in rainy season

The Wet Season usually begins around May. With the arrival of the rain, temperatures cool down a little during the day and the trade winds disappear. Relative humidity rises quickly and may climb up to around 90 to 100% throughout the Wet Season. Compared to the Caribbean side of Panama, less than 50% rain will fall on the Pacific coast where you find Tropical Sportfishing Panama. Fortunately you won’t find any hurricanes here like on the Caribbean site of Panama.


Detailed Weather Forecast about Boca Chica, Panama

Forecasting day-to-day weather in Panama could be considered a waste of time. There is always a 90% chance that it will be hot and sunny during the Dry Season, and hot and humid with about a 40 to 50% chance of afternoon thunderstorms during the Rainy Season. No short-term weather forecast is more accurate than this. Nevertheless, we provide you with some detailed up to date weather information below.