Tropical Sportfishing Panama

April 2015

Fishing report April 2015

Throughout April we fished a lot inshore but also offshore. Inshore fishing was great with a lot of topwater action on Poppers and Stickbaits. Catching our favorite bait, the Blue Runners sometimes was very tough. Nevertheless our customers again caught Cubera Snapper, Roosterfish, Jack Crevalle, Bluefin Trevally, Barracuda, Amberjack, Neeldefish, Shark, and different other bottom species.

During the past months we realized that smaller and longer Poppers are not only the most comfortable to fish, but also the most effective. I can always recommend the Yo Zuri Surface Bull or Sashimi Bull in 5 7/8 or 8 inches. It has a perfect casting ability, flies like hell and has an effective splash. We caught Cubera and Rooster on those great lures and had not better success on bigger or fat Poppers for Cubera Snapper beside a daily muscle ache.

The offshore fishing was tough in April but better than in March. Tunas migrated in bigger numbers into the Gulf of Chiriqui. We had great days with more than 20 tunas a day but also a lot of days with big feeding frenzys and lots of tuna but did not manage to catch any of them on Popper, Stickbait, Blue Runners or Bonito. Those days the tuna was eating very small sardines or squid and refused everything else. As soon as the bigger Sardines migrate into the Gulf the choice of prey is changing and so does the fishing. May will be one of the best  months (or the best one) for tuna!

Of course we want to thank all our customers who came fishing with Tropical Sportfishing Panama in April 2015. We are looking forward to an even greater fishing month of May and are hoping to present some more great tuna action.

Thomas Brandsch

Tropical Sportfishing Panama

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